October 9, 2020 | 6:43pm

Former Cowboys defensive end Marcus Spears couldn’t mask the look of bewilderment on his face while he listened to Dallas safety Xavier Woods talk about how it was impossible to go full speed the whole game.

“Man, we’re in the NFL, you don’t expect guys to go full speed for 70 plays. That’s not possible,” Woods told reporters during a press conference Wednesday.

While watching the clip on SportsCenter, Spears was at a loss for words and stared back at the camera with a blank expression for several seconds before analyzing Woods’ comments.

“Listen, it can’t get no worse for me,” the ESPN analyst said. “I’ve been working here for six years and I’ve had some ups and down times, some trials and tribulations, but for the most part it’s been wonderful. LSU won the national championship last year but the Cowboys are going to make me stressed beyond what I can possibly stress while doing this job.

“I can’t defend this, what the hell y’all want me to say on SportsCenter right now? What reaction should I have? Y’all tell me from the studio.”

Spears went on to describe his conversation with one of the show’s producers, saying he didn’t know what to say before the show and he still didn’t know what to say regarding Woods’ comments.

“What I will say is, what everybody else knows, no professional football player in the history of professional football – and I don’t give a damn if it is 2020 – is supposed to ever say that.”

The Cowboys have had a rough start to the 2020 season under new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. Dallas is ranked 30th in total defense, 23rd in passing defense and 31st in rushing defense through the first four games of the season.

Dallas also has allowed the most points in the league with 146, which is also the most points the Cowboys have surrendered to start the season in franchise history. Following last Sunday’s 49-38 loss to the Bears, the Cowboys are now 1-3.