October 9, 2020 | 9:58am | Updated October 9, 2020 | 10:01am

After Tom Brady was sacked three times in the Buccaneers’ loss to the Bears Thursday, Troy Aikman had some lingering concerns over the veteran quarterback’s ability to bounce back.

“When you’re 43-years-old, as you start to get older, then it becomes harder to come back from these types of games,” the Fox analyst said following the Tampa Bay’s 20-19 loss in Chicago. “It’s a good thing it’s a Thursday night, he has time to rest. But this offensive line is going to have to shore some things up, which they will. This is a good group defensively for Chicago.”

After garnering a 16-14 lead, the Buccaneers offensive line began to unravel, taking penalty after penalty and allowing Brady to get lit up on multiple occasions. Fox had to hit the mute button as Brady met his offensive line on the sideline after a failed drive as he angrily ripped into them.

On a third-and-12 play in which Brady rushed an incomplete pass in the fourth quarter, Aikman noted that his “clock was speeding up” due to the relentless pressure.

Tom Brady gets hit by the Bears' Roy Robertson-Harris
Tom Brady gets hit by the Bears’ Roy Robertson-HarrisGetty Images

Bears linebacker Khalil Mack recorded two sacks while James Vaughters pulled Brady down for one.

“If he’s continues to take hits like this, then that’s when you start calling into question, ‘Ok, how much is Tom going to be able to take and how effective can he be from one week to the next?’” Aikman said. “It’s not arm strength…Can he physically come back and nights like this make it awfully tough.”