October 9, 2020 | 4:01pm

Second (and third) chances. The New York Times has endorsed Joe Biden for president of the United States after previously endorsing both Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren earlier in the year. If we got to change our pick every night, we would be up 3,000 buttigiegs … Turn to page 47 Stitch Nation if you need to “mind cleanse” all the dirty diamond dust we’ve created. Our NFL selections have impressed but pale in comparison to Ryan Dunleavy’s 12-0 best bet record. Not sure if we picked 12 baseball winners all year.

Deadline decisions. If, and only if, the Yankees survive, we will back the Bombers for 20 units in a decisive Game 5 on Friday with Gerrit “Gimme the ball” Cole on the hill.

Holy Mackerel! Fish have been dead for three days and the odor has taken over Casa de Stitches like microwaved tuna. Marlins were filleted again. Eliminated in three games by the superior Braves after losing 7-0. Atlanta’s balanced attack knocked Sixto Sanchez out after he allowed four runs, walking three, in three short innings. No, The Sixto Kid is no friend of mine.

Backed Miami all week and deserve to be down -1,070 chicosalmons.