October 15, 2020 | 11:29am

Justin Tuck is spilling a Giants cup of tea.

During a recent appearance on Bleacher Report’s “Untold Stories,” the Giants great spoke about the rap battles that took place daily in Big Blue’s locker room, revealing how retired defensive end Osi Umenyiora once brought up the ex-wife of Michael Strahan during a showdown.

“You don’t talk about people’s wives and kids. But like, your divorced wife, she’s fair game,” Tuck explained.

“Osi was like the young bull trying to kick Strahan out of being the guy. Like, Michael Strahan, Hall of Famer, but Osi was like, he had just signed his new deal. Strahan had just gotten a divorce.”

Umenyiora inked a six-year, $41 million contract extension with the Giants in December 2005, while Strahan split from Jean Muggli in 2006.

Tuck added how Umenyiora took the battle “so serious” compared to Strahan.

“He went home that day and literally was like, writing down rhymes,” Tuck said of Umenyiora. “I think he was testing them against people.”

As for Strahan, he came to battle with a “Mariah Carey golden mic.”

“He brings this golden mic in,” Tuck recalled. “He brought it in in, like, a brown paper bag.”

With the battle underway, Umenyiora dropped a rhyme with “everything in it,” including Strahan’s former flame.

“Talking about his new deal, how he’s making more money than Stray now, how he’s kicking him out of the league. Basically saying, like, his old wife didn’t want him, so the Giants don’t want him. All that,” Tuck said.

Jean Muggli after her divorce from Michael Stahan, pictured right with Osi Umenyiora
Jean Muggli after her divorce from Michael Stahan, pictured right with Osi UmenyioraChristopher Sadowski; Joseph E. Amaturo

Although Umenyiora’s teammates were “crying laughing” as a result, Strahan was “kinda caught off guard,” according to Tuck, and then went “in on Osi.”

“He starts talking about his deals and all the deals he’s signed. Hall of Fame, talking about his cars, his houses. He just broke LT’s (Lawrence Taylor’s) all-time sack record for the Giants. And ended it by saying, like, ‘Yeah, I gave my wife a free trip to Disneyland, gave her a few dollars, and she still got more than you,’ Tuck said.

“Basically it’s like he gave his ex-wife his chump change and that money is still more money than what Osi just signed for. I think Stray won that one.”

Strahan and Umenyiora have now both settled into their careers as broadcasters. As for the rap battles, it remains to be seen if Daniel Jones is carrying on the tradition.